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COTIQU Pty Ltd, a service industry leader, sought an innovative solution to streamline their requirement gathering process and connect clients with vendors seamlessly. The dynamic ORB (Online Requirement Building) application system, built with cutting-edge technologies, transformed the process. SuperAdmin now effortlessly manages dynamic requirement documents, while automated vendor matching ensures efficient connections. Secure payment integration through PayPal simplifies transactions, enhancing user satisfaction. With an intuitive user interface, clients experience a seamless journey from registration to communication. The ORB system brought remarkable improvements, automating manual processes, optimizing efficiency, and revolutionizing COTIQU’s operations.

Laravel, VueJS, MySql, LiveWire

Client's Requirement

COTIQU Pty Ltd, a leader in the service industry, recognized the need for an innovative solution to streamline their requirement gathering process and facilitate seamless vendor-client connections. They aimed to automate manual processes, improve efficiency, and enhance the user experience.


To meet these requirements, the ORB (Online Requirement Building) application system was developed. Built using cutting-edge technologies such as Laravel, VueJS, MySql, and LiveWire, this dynamic platform revolutionized the way COTIQU collected requirements and connected clients with vendors.


The implementation of the ORB application system brought remarkable improvements to COTIQU’s operations. The automated requirement gathering process, dynamic document creation, and efficient vendor-client connections resulted in enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. Clients experienced a seamless journey, while vendors benefited from streamlined connections and improved communication.


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