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Latitude Property, had the objective of creating an impressive real estate marketing website that would effectively showcase properties and generate leads. They sought to provide potential buyers and tenants with a user-friendly platform for browsing properties and access comprehensive property detail pages. The client aimed to capture leads through the website and required advanced search functionality to help users find properties that matched their preferences. Additionally, they wanted to integrate a map feature to offer a visual representation of property locations and enhance the overall user experience. The ultimate goal was to build a powerful marketing tool to drive success in the real estate industry.


Client's Requirement

The goal of Latitude Property was to create a highly effective real estate marketing website that showcases properties and generates leads. The website needed to provide a user-friendly platform for property browsing, offer comprehensive property detail pages, facilitate lead generation, and include advanced search functionality.


To meet the business requirement, we developed a WordPress website using the powerful combination of the Houzez theme and Elementor page builder. Our solution provided the following key features:

  • Property Listings: The website included a dedicated section for property listings, allowing users to browse through a wide range of properties available for sale or rent.
  • Property Detail Pages: Each property listed on the website had its own dedicated detail page, providing comprehensive information about the property, including features, specifications, high-quality images, and contact details.
  • Lead Generation for Properties: To capture potential buyers or tenants, we incorporated lead generation forms throughout the website. This enabled interested users to express their interest in a specific property, allowing real estate agents or property owners to follow up and nurture leads effectively.
  • Advanced Property Searching: Our intuitive search functionality allowed users to filter properties based on specific criteria such as location, price range, property type, and more. This ensured that users could easily find properties that matched their preferences and requirements.
  • Property Location on Map: To provide a visual representation of property locations, we integrated a map feature into the website. This allowed users to view properties on a map, understand their geographical context, and make more informed decisions.


The Latitude Property real estate marketing website stands as a testament to the successful synergy of business goals and technological innovation within the real estate industry. By offering an intuitive property browsing platform, comprehensive property detail pages, lead generation mechanisms, advanced search capabilities, and a visual map representation, we ensured that every facet of user engagement was optimized. 

This innovative solution not only effectively showcased properties and their unique attributes but also streamlined lead generation, fostering efficient follow-up and conversion. The website’s user-friendly interface and robust functionalities underscored its role as a potent marketing tool, providing potential buyers and tenants with comprehensive information, visual context, and seamless search experiences.

In collaboration with Latitude Property, we have fortified their position in the real estate landscape by creating a digital cornerstone that bridges aspiration and acquisition.