Hardik Shah


Hardik Shah

Meet Hardik Shah, Scalybee’s CEO, and co-founder. With over 15 years of experience as a full-stack developer in a variety of web technologies, Hardik is a seasoned professional with a first-class master’s degree in computer applications. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation have helped him drive Scalybee’s success and growth.

In his role as CEO, Hardik is responsible for ensuring that Scalybee’s client platforms and solutions are both innovative and robust. He leads the company’s efforts in implementing scalable technologies that meet challenging client requirements, using key methodologies such as Continuous Integration and Deployment, Test Driven Applications, and AGILE.

Hardik is a creative thinker who combines research, best practices, and the identification of new opportunities with leading-edge, intelligent solutions. He is dedicated to hiring and retaining the best global talent and has helped Scalybee become a trusted partner for organizations looking to thrive in a highly competitive industry.

In his free time, Hardik enjoys reading, meditating, traveling, and contributing to open-source communities.